Helping Out

Keeping Boston Python running requires lots of small jobs. If you take on one of these, it’s a big help to the organization. You can sign up for one of these and then move to doing something else later on. Or you can suggest a different job that you’re interested in doing.

If you want to talk about any of this, find us in Slack in the #organizing channel.

We really appreciate your help!


Time: roughly how much effort it will take?

One-time or on-going: how big a commitment are you making?

One person, or shared job: can this task be shared among a few people?

Importance: is it critical that it get done, or is it more casual?

Types of jobs

Behind the scenes

Mailing list moderator - Ned

Get notified when someone emails the mailing list. Read the messages, decide if they are appropriate or not. If not appropriate, but close, write to the sender telling them what they need to do to get approved. Approve or deny the messages.

Discussion moderator

Be aware of discussions happening on Slack and Meetup. Answer questions, suggest proper usage, report inappropriate usage. Make people feel like someone official is paying attention.

New-member greeter - Michelle

When new members join Meetup or Slack, send them a personal message welcoming them. People answer questions when they join; it would be great to include details from those answers, and an encouragement to share their expertise (if they have claimed some).

30min/week; One person

Twitter tweeter - Srini

Run the @bostonpython Twitter account. Follow interesting people, tweet things. Announce events and sponsors.

10min/day; Can be shared

Website contributor

Open issues and pull requests for content suggestions and edits to this website.

Website maintainer - Ned, Brian

Improve the content of this website and manage contributions.

Jobs detective

Search job postings for Python jobs in the Boston-area. Collect names and email addresses of people we can contact about sponsoring.

1 hour/week; Can be shared

Event list gatekeeper

Keep track of other events people want us to announce to the group. Send a monthly email with the ones that are appropriate.

Public relations bullhorn

Find places to publicize Boston Python events. Publicize them.

Onboarding polisher

Play-test the experience for new members. Make sure we properly explain how Boston Python works so that they can get as much as possible from joining.

One-time; Can be shared

Member pollster

Write a survey to find out what people want and what is on their minds. Collect results, summarize for everyone.

Conference groupie

Monitor conferences happening around the world for likely Boston-area speakers talking about Python-related things. Alert a presentation night curator that those speakers could be good speakers at Boston Python. Conferences include PyCon, EuroPython, SciPy, DjangoCon, OSCON, data conferences, etc.

T-shirt wizard

It would be amazing to have Boston Python t-shirts to sell. Find someone to design the shirt (or design it yourself). Work with enough leaders of the group to get approval of the design. Find a vendor with the right price/quality balance. Decide on the right quantity and mix of sizes to order. Deal with the vendor to get the shirts made.

Before events

Hosting wrangler - Mike

Find companies to host our events. Reserve Microsoft NERD when it’s available. Communicate with potential hosts about requirements. Evaluate potential spaces in person. Confirm dates for events, add to

Find pizza sponsors for events. Contact potential sponsors about how sponsorship works. Answer their questions. Arrange sponsors for specific events. Keep the Meetup sponsor list updated. Send thank you emails, be really grateful.

Presentation night curator - Ned

Choose a topic for just one presentation night. Find speakers who fit that topic. Nag them just enough to be sure they are ready for the night. This doesn’t have to be a repeating task, doing it for one night is a big help!

Bar reserver - Ned

Email their events person to reserve space for us after presentation nights. Check in with them the day before to be sure the reservation is in place.

Pizza quartermaster - Ned

On the day of an event, note how many people have RSVP’d yes, use the Beauty’s Pizza web site to order enough pizza in an interesting mix, pay with the Boston Python debit card.

Puzzle crafter

Project nights often have a set of puzzles for people to work on. Write or find some puzzles. Make them available for people to use.

Give-away rustler

We sometimes have prizes to raffle away. Someone needs to arrange for those donations. Books are easy, you send an email to O’Reilly and they ship a box of books. But with more effort, we could probably get more stuff.

At events

Table arranger

A project night has tables organized by topic (beginners, web, data, hardware, etc.). These need to be set up, with power nearby, and signs indicating the topic.

Video director

Record the presentation nights and put the videos on YouTube. Boston Python can buy the equipment. We’d like to have somebody with video expertise to help select equipment and establish the process.

Name tag master - Ned

Set up name tags and markers, and encourage attendees to fill one out. Maybe add prompts for areas of interest or employer.

Attendee greeter

People showing up to an evening event could probably use a friendly face to greet them. Stand near the entrance and be friendly! Tell people how to get started. Make them feel welcome. This can be totally informal; if you warmly greet just one apprehensive attendee, you’ve made a difference!

Beginner table captain

Be at project nights, and make sure people at the beginner tables are getting their questions answered. You don’t have to be an expert; you have to be friendly, understanding, and helpful.

Presentation night emcee - Ned

A presentation night needs a few bits of time where someone stands at the front of the room and announces things: welcome people, remind them how it works, who is the sponsor, who is the next speaker, are we going to a bar, etc.

Project night emcee - Ned

A project night needs a little emceeing at the start: welcome people, explain how project night works, encourage people to announce what they are working on, introduce the sponsor, etc.

Give-away give-awayer

On nights when we give away things, it helps to have someone at the front of the room to help people choose their prize.

Other projects

Workshop monarch

Resuscitate the Boston Python workshop. Workshops have been held on Friday nights and all-day Saturday for larger teaching tasks.

Mentoring monarch

ChiPy has a well-regarded mentoring program. Should we try to replicate it?