Boston Python is always looking for sponsors for its events. We’d love to have you! Sponsoring brings a personal touch to your recruiting efforts. One recent sponsor commented:

Our Boston Python posting got a better response than the company’s ‘official’ postings in IEEE journals, Monster.com, etc…

Boston Python holds two kinds of events each month: presentation nights and project nights. Sponsoring pizza for either event is $750.

On presentation nights, we have 100-120 people in attendance. You can also sponsor drinks at a bar afterward, which is about $300, depending on how many people show up.

Project nights are unstructured evenings where people group up based on interest, and then work for 2.5 hours on whatever they like. We have tables dedicated to beginning learners, web development, data science, hardware, and whatever other topics we decide are fitting. The unstructured time means that much more in-depth conversations are possible, which helps with assessing candidates’ fit for the roles you are looking to fill. We generally get 90-100 people.

As a sponsor, you will get a chance to speak to the crowd at the event, and pitch your company (or whatever it is you have to pitch). Sponsors generally speak for a minute or two. Up to five minutes isn’t unheard of, but starts to feel long. People lose interest if the pitch is too lengthy.

When sponsoring pizza, a Boston Python organizer will purchase the pizza. You can pay by making a donation to the Python Software Foundation at http://donate.bostonpython.com. When sponsoring drinks at the bar, you bring a credit card and work it out with the bartender there.

The night of the event, we can provide table space for you to put out materials, or hand out swag if you want, but that is not expected or required.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with the leadership team at leaders@bostonpython.com.